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Children's groups
Schools and leisure center

In school groups or leisure centers, the Maulnes team offers you a rich and varied educational program: visits adapted to each cycle, workshops or fun activities.

Free visits and workshops for schools in Yonne

A free or guided historical tour

45 min – Cycles 2 to 5

French Renaissance, Wars of Religion, History, Architecture… The Château de Maulnes is an exceptional educational resource. The historical visit will allow you to discover the history of the castle and its atypical architecture.

Each visit is adapted to the school level and worked with you in advance and according to your different educational projects.


Our educational workshops

Little architects 1 hour – Cycles 2 and 3

Two workshops are offered to you depending on the level of your students.

The aim of this workshop will be to introduce young people to the unique architecture of the castle through the use of geometric shapes and the concept of plan.

It invites you to explore the castle using a plan in order to reconstruct the 2D wooden models of the different levels of the castle. For older children, they will have to draw the floor plans themselves. Then together they will assemble the giant 3D model of the castle.

Renaissance Dance 1h - Cycles 2 to 3

Adorned in period headdresses, the students will take a step back in time by discovering the history of dance, its political significance, the popular choreographies but also the instruments used in the 16th century .

Every dance has its codes: we start with reverence, then a few simple steps and we add “ornaments”. Then in music, they will be able to have fun creating group cohesion in the creation of a choreography typical of French court balls.


1 hour hunting relay - Cycles 2 and 3

Two workshops are offered to you depending on the level of your students.

Hunting had a predominant place during the Renaissance. Numerous lodges and hunting lodges were built to accommodate the king or lords visiting their domain. Which was the case for the Château de Maulnes.

Thanks to a treasure hunt in the park, children will follow in the footsteps of the wildlife of Maulnes.

And for older children, during a tournament they can learn how to shoot a hunting crossbow.

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At the end of each workshop a diploma will be awarded to the class.

A fun activity

The treasure hunt: An exceptional day!

45min – Cycle 3


Inspired by real events, it allows you to explore themes specific to the castle and its sponsors in a fun way . This activity is adaptable to all levels.

Through the puzzles scattered throughout the castle, explore it in every nook and cranny. With the help of a booklet, children will be able to discover the habits and customs of the great festivities of the Renaissance era. Louise and Antoine are counting on the students to make their wedding a perfect day!


The educational offer allows you to create your own day or half-day according to the time allocated to you and your educational project.

Do not hesitate to download our brochure or the complete file below:

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Useful information


From March 30 to November 11, 2024 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Possibility to welcome you by reservation throughout this opening period on the days and times of your choice

The offer is to be composed according to your needs and desires.
You can choose a guided tour on its own or with one or more workshops.

Self-guided tour: €4 per person
Guided tour package: 30€ per class (max 30 students)
Workshop/complementary animation: 4€ per workshop and per person
Free for school children

Free for accompanying persons

(limited to one accompanying person for every 10 children).
Additional companions: 7 €
Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.

For any cancellation, please let us know 48 hours in advance.

No deposit is required.


Picnics are possible on site in the park or inside the castle.

The bus parking is located in the car park below the castle, allow about twelve minutes walk to get to the reception.

On-site services: souvenir and craft shop, relaxation and picnic areas, cold and hot drinks, snacks, tourist information, toilets.

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