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A large-scale project

Stone by stone, the Château de Maulnes is gradually regaining its original splendour.

As a result of these successive abandonments, its condition has deteriorated considerably over the last two centuries and if no emergency intervention had been planned, we could have lost it permanently.

After several phases of restoration dedicated to the "out of water" and "out of air" of the castle and the securing of the entire building. The roof, the facades, the plaster

Catering in detail

The castle has been gradually restored by the Department with subsidies from the State, the Region and the Loto du Patrimoine led by Stéphane Bern (for a total of 80% of the cost of the work), in order to be able to welcome the public:
• 1998: detection of buried masonry and mapping by electrical method;

excavations and surveys until 2001.
• 1999: preliminary study for the general restoration.
• 2000: storm and destruction of the roof of the coms

• 2005: Opening to the public.
• 2011 to 2016: repair of three contiguous treated facades for the frames, roofs, facades and interior floors.
• 2020 to 2022: repair of the last two contiguous facades treated for the frames, roofs, facades and interior floors.

Today, a project to rehabilitate the Renaissance gardens is underway.

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